Fall Arrest (Man Safe) 

All our fall arrest and restraint safety line systems are fully compliant with industry regulations and are installed to the highest standard. Our Fall Arrest and Restraint Safety Line equipment can be fixed to most types of roofs. We can also offer free-standing mobile man anchor solutions that are suitable for use by one person or multiple users.  

Guardrail and edge protection Systems

Our range of collective fall protection measures include guardrails these are designed to completely remove the risk of a fall from height and comply with all relevant British and European standards. 

Safety Access Systems

The ‘Working at Height regulations’ stipulate that whenever a roof or raised area requires to be accessed, this access must be undertaken in a safe and planned manner. Whatever your access needs or problems, a bespoke fixed access ladder system can be designed and installed to give you safe and secure access to any raised elevation with the inclusion of an access platform where needed.

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Safety Hand Rail
Roofing Safety Systems

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